Performance Resume

Clay Robeson is an actor, improvisor, and instructor with years of experience on stage, behind the scenes and in the classroom.

Voice | Theater/Stage | Film/TV | Training


Tales from the Tub – Multiple Projects – Narrator
Melissa Bartell, writer/producer
Between the Lines Studios – Multiple Projects – Voice Actor
Tabitha Challis, producer
The History Channel – “The Plot to Kill Jesse James” – Loop Group
Josh Rosen, producer for Indigo Films
Monster Magic/GYRO’s Haunts – “Voice of GYRO’s” Radio/TV Spots – Voice Actor
Josh Pierry, producer
Marsh, Inc. – “Sales Kickoff Video” – Vocalist
Trish Kawa, producer


Moment Improv Theatre, San Francisco, CA
Improv Theater Faculty / Actor
Marcus Sams, producer
Bookends: A Musical Journey, San Francisco/New York
Two person Improvised Musical
Diana DiCostanzo, director
The Kickapoo Community Players, San Francisco, CA
“Small Town Musical” Improv Troupe
Derek Cochran, director
Un-Scripted Theater Company, San Francisco, CA
Improvisational Theater Ensemble Member / Director / Producer
2007 to present
The Super Dupers, San Francisco, CA
Do-Wop-Ner” Improvised Small Claims Court Musical – Cast Member
Amber Dyson, producer/director
Bay One Acts Festival, San Francisco, CA
A Toss of the Hat – Sean
Hans Summers, director
The San Francisco Improv Festival, San Francisco, CA 2006-2008
Improvisational Comedy – Host / Associate Producer
Shaun Landry, producer
The Jesters of Yes, San Jose, CA
Improvisational Comedy Actor / Instructor / Artistic Director
Melissa Locketz, producer
Improv Foundry, Boston, MA
Short Form Improvisational Comedy – Actor
Jon Bender, director
Improv Asylum Touring Company, Boston, MA
Improvisational and Sketch Comedy – Actor / Instructor
Chet Harding, director
Beatrace Herford Vokes Theatre, Wayland, MA
City of Angels – Mahoney / Gene
John Barrett, director
The Footlight Club, Jamaica Plain, MA
The Mystery of Edwin Drood – Deputy
Lisa Rafferty, director
Boalsburg Theatre, Boalsburg, PA
My Three Angels – Josef – JD Shuchter, director
A Shot in the Dark – Morestan – Christine Wilson, director
Exit the Body – Lyle – Margret Lloyd, director


TBNT Productions – “Moron Life” Webcast Sketch Comedy – Repertory Player
Lon Lopez, producer
Almaden Films – “The Unwilling” – Victor
Shawn Flanagan, producer/director
Dial Corporation – “Global New Year” – Writer/Director
Cliff Currie, producer
Safeway“Direct Deposit” – Ted (featured)
Bob Trouard, producer/director
Safeway – Internal Training Videos – Multiple Roles
Bob Trouard, producer/director
Safeway – “Sandwich Deployment” – Customer (featured)
Leslie Karaffa, producer/director
Hewlett Packard Media Solutions – “eBay University” – Student
Jerry Sandy, director
The Learning Channel/Banyan Productions – “Perfect Proposal” Improv Actor
Bobbi Block, producer
Springdell Productions – “Every Day” – Vickers
Kevin Burke, director
(winner, Student Emmy, Teluride and Palm Beach Int’n’l film Festivals)
New York Film Academy – “Second Chances” – Luke


  • Voice Acting
    • Voice One: Elaine Clark, Sally Clawson, Bob Wood, Desiree Goyette, Laura Derry, Andy Alabran, Ann Richardson
  • Improvisation
    • Improv Asylum Training Center: Chet Harding, Norm Laviolette, Amy Roeder, Paul D’Amato
  • Character Work
    • Amy Poehler, Will Luera, Sally Clawson, Andel Sudek, Susan Messing
  • Scene Work
    • Todd Stashwick, Marjorie Burren, Kier Dullea, David Razowsky, Jonathan Pitts, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton
  • Musical Improv
    • Glennis McMurray, Travis Ploeger, Eliza Skinner, Diana DiCostanzo, Anthony Veneziale, Laura & Rick Hall
  • Directing
    • Asaf Ronen, Barbara Scott
  • Puppetry
    • Mandana Koshnevisan, Tobi Allison Daniel
  • International Folk Music/Dance
    • Elizabeth Hanley, International Olympic Academy